So, you've landed at the airport all tired and exhausted from the journey. Waited in the car rentals queue, picked up your booked car, got insurance (optional), and BAM! Sky-rocketing rental price that's far higher than what you've seen on the online website.

What do you do? Call the customer care agent and get the same old excuses- taxes, insurance policy adoption, service charges, surcharges, and so many more. They never run out of options to rip off your wallet.

So is there any way to end this agony? Thankfully, there is! With a few simple and easy tricks, you can find a cheap airport car rental.

7 Secrets to Snagging a Cheap Airport Car Rental Every Time

Book Car Rental Online Early

Unlike cab aggregators like Uber, even the most established car rental companies operate on a limited fleet.

Therefore, you'll need to make your booking in advance to ensure you actually get a car when you land at the airport. Depending on your requirement, the best car rentals optimize their business processes to offer you the vehicle you've booked on the given date.

Therefore when you book an immediate ride, the car rental companies need to optimize their operation within a short span of time that becomes more expensive. Therefore when you try to book your rental within a short span of time, the rates are typically higher.

Booking in advance doesn't just ensure an affordable car rental rate but also the fact that you get a car on the day you want it.

Additionally, the prices are higher during the peak travel/festival weeks.

Check Both On Airport and Outside Airport Rates

Generally, airport car hire and rentals are expensive. This is mostly due to taxes (tourism and other taxes) and airport surcharges. Arranging an airport rental can push up the rental cost by 15%-30%. Instead, you can opt for a short bus or cab ride to the nearest rental location outside the airport.

In some cases, however, the rental rates outside the airport might not be cheaper. And it might save your time and ride fare when you book your car rental directly inside the airport. Compare both the rates before booking.

Use A Credit Card Offering Primary Insurance

When you book your ride with the best car rentals, you need to get rental insurance. This cost can burn a hole in your pocket. If you don't typically drive or own a personal vehicle, it is unlikely to have auto insurance.

Even if you do have auto insurance, additional insurance is requested by certain rental agencies. With such insurance, you sign up for a collision or damage waiver.

This insurance will reimburse the rental company for costs of damage to a vehicle in case you encounter an accident during the rental period.

However, there is a way to save the insurance cost. Several credit cards include primary coverage as part of their card benefits. The only catch is that you require to make the entire rental payment through that card.

Compare, Do Your Homework, and Book Online

To grab the ultimate car rental cheap deals, don't forget to compare. Thankfully, there aren't one or two car rental services in the Airports. There are many. And with online rental platforms, you can compare the rental rates.

GoCars is an online rental platform that features a wide range of car rental services. You can compare vehicle models, characteristics, and save considerable amounts on the car hire fee. Book your car through the safe payment gateway.

Carefully Read The Cancellation Policies

Prepaying to save money can prove expensive if you aren't sure about your traveling plans. Just like hotels, there are certain cancellation policies applicable when you're making the entire payment. Modification in your flight timings/dates, cancellations due to medical emergencies, event cancellation could result in cancellation requests or booking modifications.

The policies and fees might differ from one agency to another. Read the cancellation terms and policies carefully before booking the best airport car rental online.

However, it is recommended that you don't change your plans after booking.

Click Pictures Of The Vehicle Before Starting Your Ride

Before starting your ride, inspect the vehicle carefully. If you notice any dents, scratches, damages, take pictures and share them with the rental agency or customer executive. This will prevent any misunderstanding and additional charges at the of your trip.

Take Advantage Of The Coupons And Discounts

Do you have a membership for Costco, AARP, or USAA? You might be eligible for great discounts. Other discounts and coupons include:

  • ●Discounts from loyalty programs.
  • ●Coupon codes and corporate offers on various deals sites
  • ●Social media special deals
  • ●Insider privilege discounts for newsletter subscribers.

These 7 hacks can help you get a cheap airport car rental deal.

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