Picturesque, quaint towns, pristine waters, stunning islands, majestic mountains and caves, natural salt marshes, enigmatic cloud forests, and sunny beaches-- that’s the astounding beauty of Greece in a nutshell.

The weather in the country ranges from blazing summers to chilling winters. The versatile landscapes, seasonal extremes, enriching history, the warm Hellenic culture, and delightful delicacies make Greece a destination worth exploring.

Car rental Greece can be the best way to experience the charm and charisma of the country at your own pace and personal schedule.

The Acropolis of Athens (capital city) and the Parthenon emanate the excellence of ancient architecture. While Santorini is well-known for its volcanic terrain. Mykonos is home to pristine beaches and vibrant nightlife.

With car rental cheap deals, you can explore the famous as well as uncharted destinations in the country.

Why Rent a Car In Greece?

During your Greece tour, whether you’re planning to travel across the mainland or wish to explore the obscured scenic, untouched islands, renting a car offers you exceptional freedom. You can find several affordable car rental from online platforms such as GoCars.

Green public transport is efficient. However, to explore the rustic obscured townships and offbeat picturesque villages, renting a car is essential.

You can’t fathom the beauty of some uncharted destinations in Northern Greece and Peloponnese without car rentals, as the routes can be tricky and challenging. Many villages don’t have direct public transport routes. Therefore switching between public transport and hitch-hiking can soon turn your dream vacation into a nightmare.

Car rental Greece also ensures that you don’t need to align your entire trip according to the public transport schedule. Instead, you can make your own personalized itinerary and explore the country at your own pace.

What Are The Requirements To Rent A Car in Greece?

Age Requirements

  • To drive and book car rental online in Greece, you need to be 21 years or older.
  • However, the age limit might vary marginally from one company to another. Some Greek car rental might offer rental only if you’re 23 years or older.
  • Typically, the upper age limit for renting a car is 70 years.
  • Additionally, you might need to pay a premium for your rental insurance if you’re under 25.
  • Before hiring, it is recommended that you read the rental agency’s terms and conditions carefully.

Documents and Lisence

  • All non-EU residents require an international driving permit to rent a car at a car rental Greece airport.
  • Additionally, you’ll require your non-EU driving license. For EU residents (excluding Britain), an EU driving license is adequate for renting a car.
  • Also, during your entire travel, carry your license, International driving permit, and all the car rental documents to avoid any legal complications.
  • Additionally, you’ll need your credit card and passport when you hire car Greece.

In the US, the integration driving permit can be obtained from the AAA office or online. The permit typically costs around $15.

Factors To Remember While Renting A Car In Greece

Check Your Insurance Coverage Carefully.

Before you start your trip to Greece and rent a car, contact your credit card company to understand what collision coverage, if any, is offered on car rentals abroad (especially in Greece).

When you book car rental online in Greece, the contract normally requires fire insurance and third-party liability. These additional charges will automatically be included in your rental cost when you’ll checkout.

Compare Prices To Enjoy Car Rental Cheap Deals

GoCars offers a unique solution for your car rental requirements. We offer you a platform where you can search for the availability of rentals at your desired location, compare prices and choose the best deal.

Not just prices you can compare the features, the package details, type of transmission, type of car and much more.

Expect Rugged Terrain

Whether you’re enjoying the rustic lifestyle of the countryside or maneuvering through the urban stress of Athens, one thing remains common-- rugged terrain.

You might encounter steep switchbacks and challenging one-way roads in the city outskirts. Urban streets can also be tricky to maneuver due to narrow pathways and the absence of clear signs.

Yet, with calm driving, you can discover the charismatic beauty of Greece that most have never seen. Take regular breaks to make the driving adventure more fun.

Check The Car Before Taking Off

When you rent car Greece airport, ensure to perform physical hygiene inception to protect yourself against potential false damage claims.

Take pictures to document every scratch, minor dent, nick, or any other damage. The narrow roadways and congestions are notorious for leaving most cars with minor imperfections. Therefore, you’ll need to ensure that you aren’t blamed for any damages left by previous renters.

Greece is a beautiful destination and attracts thousands of tourists across the globe. The best car rentals can make your Greece trip memorable.

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