Florida is one of the highly preferred tourist destinations amongst people across the globe. There are some awesome beaches, amusement parks, national parks, and other tourist places that you cannot miss when you visit Florida. If you have kids, they will be amused while visiting those beautiful theme parks. Also, you can go to the finest beaches in coastal cities like Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

If you have decided to visit Florida for your next vacation, you need to ensure that you choose a car rental Florida airport for your trip. Hiring a car for your trip rather than opting for private or public transport has many benefits. When you have your rented car in Florida, you will have more convenience and comfort in designing your trip without any dependencies.

If you search on the internet, you will come across many car rental cheap deals. Ensure that you take into account various things before you rent a car. Choosing the wrong car rental company can cost you a lot. You might miss the charm and excitement of the trip, or you might pay more.

If it is your first car rental, you need to take great care before choosing the car rental company. For example, you will not be driving much in Florida, and there is no sense in choosing the unlimited mileage option. However, if you don’t know about such things, you might pay more to the company. You need to consider many such costs, such as airport pickup fees, breakdown cover costs, local surcharges, loss damage waiver, unlimited mileage, and others.

Before you book car rental online, it is advisable to go through this post. This post discusses the best car rental tips if you are visiting Florida.

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Air Conditioning

If you are visiting Florida on summer days, ensure that the cheap deal that you have got air conditioning covered. Most car rental companies don’t include AC cars as they want to offer cheap car deals to tourists. In summers, the temperature will go up to 30 degrees, and you will not be able to enjoy your journey if there is no AC in the car. Ensure that the car has an active and running AC unit.

Book in Advance

Some individuals book a car once they land at the Florida airport. It is not the right practice to follow. The best thing to do is to book in advance. Ensure that you book an airport car hire service when you decide to visit Florida.

When you book a car at the airport, you will see pre-occupied car hire desks with long queues; you also might have to pay more when you book a car instantly. Why invite such stress? The best way is to book in advance and have a pleasurable trip. Have a reserved car booking to avoid such hassles. It feels good to know that a car is waiting for you at the airport.


If you think that carrying more luggage will cost more as car rental companies charge more, you are wrong, especially in Florida. Here, you can book any car model without worrying much about the cost as the cost differences are very small. So, you can carry extra luggage on the trip and treat yourself.

Child Seats

Even if you have your child seats, you should book a car seat for children when you book the car rental in Orlando Florida. It will cost you not more than an extra $5 a day. It will make your trip more convenient and comfortable, and you don’t have to carry the child seat anywhere you go. Remember, you are going to have fun, not to carry seats.

Check Everything

Many tourists commit this mistake and then regret it later. You should not do it. Before you sit in the hired car and start your trip, you must check everything in the car and ensure that it matches your voucher.

For example, if you have requested an extra children seat or a car with a music player, ensure these facilities are in the car. When you go for cheap car hire Florida Orlando, there are chances that the company does not address some requests. In that case, you need to consult the company and discuss things thoroughly. Do it before you sign any paper. Also, take photocopies of the documents you have signed to ensure that you have proof if something goes wrong.


Check out the car in the presence of the company representative and ensure that there are no bumps and scratches in the car. If there are any, show them to the car representative. If you don’t check for such damages and if the car company finds it when you return the car, they will hold you responsible for that.


Ensure that you go for a diesel car. Petrol is more costly, and it might be an expensive affair for you. Most car rental companies offer diesel cars on hire.


Excess is a certain amount that you need to pay the car hire company if any accidents happen. The rest of the amount will be paid by the car hire company. Now, almost all Florida car hire insurance policies cover excesses. You need to know the excess amount in advance as sometimes they are high in Florida.


Having your rented car roam in Florida is the best thing. The best benefit of car rental Florida airport is that you will not miss any place. You can visit beaches or parks at your own convenient time. Also, you will have more fun with your loved ones when you have your vehicle. Keep in mind car hire tips and have a great trip to Florida.

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