So you have a few days to plan a trip with your loved ones, and you have selected Cyprus as the tourist destination. You will not regret the decision as Cyprus is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Europe.

Cyprus has a long grand history and is a prized possession if you love to visit such historical places. Cyprus has beautiful archaeological sites, the finest churches, historical museums, and monasteries.

However, if you don't want to miss out on all these tourist attractions, you should go for an airport car rental Cyprus.

In addition to that, the local public transport in Cyprus is not popular. There are no subways, trams, and other local transport facilities. Though you can go for the buses, they don't cover all the routes. Also, tourists have reported that buses are not very reliable in Cyprus and consume so much time.

Choosing a cheap car rental service provider in Cyprus is the best thing as it will give you the liberty to roam at your convenience. Tourists also confirm that Cyprus is made for driving as the quality of roads is very good, and it is very easy to navigate the island.

So if you have decided to hire car rental services, here are some points you need to consider. This post will discuss these points to make your journey smooth sailing.

Things that you get when you hire a car in Cyprus

If you are confused about whether to hire a car in Cyprus, here are some reasons that will convince you.

Hiring a car will give you freedom.

Yes, you don't have to depend on anyone when you have a rented car in your possession. You can choose destinations at your convenience and travel as you like. You don't have to be available at a bus stand at the time of a bus and don't have to wait for a taxi. You will be the sole decision-maker on the trip. Isn't it good for the trip?

Cyprus is Designed for Cars

One of the reasons why tourists choose rented cars to roam in Cyprus is that the country is made for vehicles. Whether you go to North Cyprus or South Cyprus, you will find beautiful and safe roads. Also, the traffic is very less compared to other European countries. Also, all major roads are filled with readable traffic and direction signs. It will make your journey more convenient and comfortable.

You can save money

One of the main reasons to choose airport car rental Cyprus is that you can save a hefty sum during your trip. Buses are there, but they don't cover all the local tourist attractions. If you want to visit all the places and sights, choosing a car is the best convenient solution. You can hire a car for 20-30 euros per day in summer. If you are going off-season, you can hire a car for just 8-10 euros per day.

It can make the trip more interesting.

Yes, if you want to make your Cyprus trip more adventurous and happening, choosing a car will serve the purpose. You can start your trip at any time of the day and stop for lunch or dinner at any given time. You are the boss of your own trip. Isn't it fascinating?

Some Driving Rules and Conditions in Cyprus

When driving in another country, you have to learn and understand their road and driving rules before renting a car.

Here are some of the rules that you need to take into account

  • The steering wheel in Cyprus cars is on the right side. If you are coming from the US, where the steering wheel is usually on the left side, you must care while driving. There is nothing to worry about as you will get used to it in just no time.
  • Cyprus has left-side traffic. Hence, you have to drive the car on the left side of the road.
  • The car rental service provider might ask you to pay a deposit in advance. The deposit amount might vary from 300 to 900 euros for smaller cars. However, you can also find airport car rental companies that don't charge advanced deposits.
  • In Cyprus, the fuel policy is mostly prepaid. For example, if the car rental company offers a car with a full tank, they will charge you. You can return the car with an empty tank. Also, if you return the car with some petrol left in the tank, you will not get any refunds. You can opt for another full-to-full option. You don't have to calculate how much fuel to add to the tank in this option.
  • Some car rental companies don't rent a car for less than three days. You have to rent a car at least for 4 to 5 days.
  • Most car rental companies don't allow tourists to drive to North Cyprus as insurance does not cover that part of the country. However, if you want to visit North Cyprus, you must buy separate insurance.
  • Many car rental companies offer cars without AC units. You need to check out specifications before renting a car.


Visiting Cyprus will fill your life with some amazing, unforgettable moments. There is so much the country has to offer. If you want to enjoy it at its best, an airport car rental Cyprus is the best thing to do. You can book the car in advance to get it at the airport as soon as you land. Ensure that you don't miss out on any tourist attractions in Cyprus.

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