Armenia Car Rental

Rental Car Armenia | Renting Car in Armenia

How to rent a car in Yerevan

There are several ways to rent a car in Yerevan:

  • At the place of arrival (during the holidays there may not be any cars, or expensive options will remain). You can find the addresses of rental companies through a search engine, or simply on a Google map (do not forget to read the reviews)
  • Book you car in advance to through to get the best car rental deal
  • My option is to book in advance with On rental cars, the price is 10-20% lower and you can compare prices in different companies as well.

What you need to have to rent a car in Armenia

  • Driver’s license. If your ID is duplicated in Latin letters, then an international license is not necessary.
  • A credit card is necessary. The name on the credit card should be the same as on your driver’s license or on your ID (passport).
  • Passport or another ID. By the way, I sent documents in advance (passport and driving license) by e-mail, so issuing a car for us was very fast.
  • Voucher – if you made a rental online.

Why did I decide to book a car with

I didn’t want to rent on arrival, because of the holidays and really prefer to plan everything in advance. Then I checked the sites of rental offices (both local and international) directly and compare them with the prices on As a result, I booked Volkswagen Polo (manual) in TravelCar via because of the best price and additional driver as a free bonus. Otherwise, I read a lot of enthusiastic reviews about this company on Google. This was the most profitable option. By the way, communication with company representatives was very pleasant, they answered and were ready to help, both in email correspondence and in the office when renting. By the way, we had the upgrade and got a car with automatic transmission!

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See What People Ask to Us FAQS

1) Driver’s License: A valid driver's license in the name of the main driver. 2) Identification: A passport or other form of identification. 3) Credit Card: A credit card in the name of the main driver with sufficient funds. 4) Voucher: A printed Voucher or an e-Voucher where available.
If upgrades are available for your rental car, they will be offered on our website in the section where you can view your itinerary. Please note that upgrade charges vary by car type and by rental car company. Upgrading at the Rental Car Counter: Upgrade charges will be determined by the rental partner and will be payable directly to the rental company. If you had purchased Collision Damage Insurance with your original reservation, when you accept an upgrade, the insurance is automatically canceled and the charge for the insurance is refunded. If you would like to add Collision Damage Insurance to your new upgraded reservation, it will have to be purchased again
Option 1: Visit Go Cars Now website and look for the My bookings tab, select cancel reservation Enter the reservation ID and select a valid reason for cancellation and go ahead and click on the cancel button.You will receive an email confirmation when we cancel your booking.
Rental days are calculated on a 24-hour clock in order to avoid being charged an additional day, you will need to enter the same pick-up and drop-off time.
Yes, you can book a rental car reservation with a different pick-up and drop location (also called one-way rental). Please note, there may be a “Drop off” fee charged by the car rental company.
If it is before your scheduled pick-up time. Go Cars Now cannot guarantee that you can pick up your rental car early. In most cases, however, if you are just picking your car up a few hours early on your scheduled time, car rental company will do their best to accommodate you if cars are available. You can contact the car rental company for early accommodations. If you pick up the rental car earlier and still plan to drop it off at the same reserved time, you may incur additional charges directly from and payable to the rental car company.
No, usually car rental companies will not refund you any money for returning the car earlier. Contact the car provider directly to find out more.
The car provider requires you to pay a deposit to cover any potential damages or future expenses, such as administrative fees, missing fuel, traffic tickets, fines, and other risks. Some car rental providers may offer insurance that would reduce the amount of the deposit. For more information, you will need to ask at the counter. Do not confuse the coverage offered by the car rental provider with Full Coverage from Discover Cars, as they are two different products.